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Regulation of the Youth Hostels of Cantabria

  • 1  The Youth Hostels of REAJ are open to all members of the National Organisationsand of the International Youth Hostel Federation.
  • 2  The hostels are open all year round except the corresponding days to the holiday periods.
  • 3  When arriving at the hostel showing the corresponding youth hostel cards is required, whether they are referred to the IYHF or REAJ, without which the access to the hostel will not be permitted. Group cards can only be used on the condition that a minimum of 10 members of the group appear in the hostel.
    In addition, they should provide the hostel with a list of the members of the group who intend to overnight in the hostel.
  • 4  In principle, the maximum stay in the youth hostels will be limited to 15 consecutive nights. If the demand for places allows, the person in charge of the hostel may extend the duration of the stay.
  • 5  The minimum age limit of the users is 14, unless they are accompanied.
  • 6  It is compulsory to use a sleeping bag, without which nobody will be allowed to overnight.
  • 7  All users should tidy the room before 10.30 a.m. The furniture layout or decoration cannot be altered. Hanging or sticking posters or pictures of any kind are not allowed.
  • 8  From 10.30 a.m to 01.00 p.m, rooms will be unoccupied for the purpose of cleaning the place. The hostel will take no responsibility for the theft or loss of hostellers┬┤ valuable items.
  • 9  The check-in deadline in the hostel is 19:30 hours. In the event of arriving late, it will be necessary to give prior notice to the hostel or the Booking Office.
  • 10  Smoking or drinking alcohol will not be allowed in the hostel premises. Cooking or eating in the room will not be permitted; meals will only be served in the hostel canteen during the stated times.
  • 11  The common areas (waiting room and TV; multisport courts, swimming pools, etc.) should be used within the time-frame specified in each hostel.
  • 12  Only the National Flag of Spain, Cantabria and Europe will fly at the flagpole of the hostel
  • 13  On the day of departure rooms will be left before 11.00 a.m; the facilities will be left two hours maximum after the last service contracted. If for any reason it is necessary to make use of the facilities for longer, the authorisation will be up to the person in charge.
  • 14  Any damage caused due to the misuse of the building and furnitures of the hostel will be assessed by the management of the hostel and invoiced separately in relation to the ordinary services contracted.
  • 15  The hostel will be closed at 00.00 a.m. As a result, hostellers should go to bed.
    The people in charge and/or the instructors should ensure order and silence in the rest areas.
  • 16  Pets are not allowed in the hostels.
  • 17  The General Regulation of the Youth Hostels Network and the regulation of each youth hostel should be complied with at all times by every user, otherwise actions will be taken in the event of no-compliance.